According to a recent iPOS survey, President Rohani’s job approval rating has declined since November 2014. Forty-nine percent of Iranians say they approve of the job Mr. Rohani's performance as president while 30 percent disapprove.

Rohani's Job Performance Ratings: November 2014 vs. February 2015.

Based on the poll conducted by iPOS in February 2014, 39% of Iranians say they "approve" of the way Mr. Rohani is handling his job as president, while 10% say they "somewhat approve". At the critical end of the five-point spectrum, 23% express their "dissatisfaction" with Mr. Rohani’s performance, and 7% say they are "somewhat dissatisfied" with how Mr.Rohani is handling his job. Fourteen percent have a neutral view (considered as an average favorability rating for purposes of this poll), and another 7% register other options such as "I have no idea", "not interested in this topic", and "I don’t know".


Rohani Job Performance Ratings Based on Gender, Age, Educational Level and Location

The president’s job approval rating does not vary in a statistically significant way when analyzed according to the gender, educational level and location of respondents. Marked differences are apparent across age cohorts, with 56% of those aged 59 or more approving of Mr. Rohani’s job performance, 50% for ages 45-59, 45% for ages 30-44 and 51% for ages 18-29. Mr. Rohani’s favorability is still high among elderly Iranians, but their approval has dropped since last November.




Survey Methods:

  • Results are based on telephone interviews conducted on Feb 14 to 15 2015, with a random sample of 735 Iranian adults aged 18 and older who are currently residing in Iran.
  • The iPOS proportional two-stage sample includes respondents on landlines and cellular phones representing every province.
  • Results are weighted by gender, age and location (urban vs. rural areas) based on the Iranian national census of 2011.
  • Based on the sample, it can be stated with 95% confidence that the margin of sampling error is ± 3.6 percentage points.
  • Native Farsi speakers conducted the interviews during daylight hours in Iran. Interviewers were trained prior to conducting the poll.


Presidential job approval is an important indicator of how reformists, moderates, and conservatives might perform in the upcoming 2014 parliamentary elections and 2016 presidential elections. iPOS tracks the presidential job approval rating among all Iranian adults on a quarterly basis.