A majority of Iranians support the way Mr. Rohani is handling his job as the president. iPOS’ recent survey shows that 59% of Iranian adults approve of Rohani’s job performance, while 28% disapprove.



Broad segments of the public across categories of gender, age, and education level hold positive views of Mr. Rohani’s performance.

The result demonstrate a gender gap in opinion of the president’s job approval. Female Iranians are more likely to approve of Rohani’s job approval than males by a margin of four (52 to 48 percent). Among those who disapproved of Mr. Rohani’s presidency, males comprise 55% and females 45%. Nevertheless, analysis of data does not suggest the statistically significant discrepancies between male and female approval ratings.



Mr. Rohani’s job approval is 66% among Iranians with higher education degrees. 58% of those without university degrees approved of Mr. Rohani’s job performance.. Analysis of data does not suggest statistically significant differences in approval rating across education levels.



Seventy percent of elderly Iranians aged 59 or more approved of the Rohani’s performance, a rate higher than that of any other age group. Young Iranians between 18 and 29 are least approving. Among this critical demographic, Rohani’s job approval is 55%. Further data analysis does not, however, suggest a statistically significant relationship between age and approval rating.


Presidential job approval is an important indicator for how reformists and moderates might perform in the upcoming 2016 parliamentary elections. iPOS tracks the president job approval rating among all Iranian adults on a quarterly basis.

Survey Methods:

  • Results are based on telephone interviews conducted from 15 to 19 November, 2014, with a random sample of 600 Iranian adults aged 18 and older currently residing in Iran.
  • Our proportional two-stage sample includes respondents on landline and cellular phones representing every province.
  • Based on our sample, it can be stated with 95% confidence that the margin of sampling error is ± 4 percentage points.
  • Trained interviewers conduct the interviews during daylight hours in Iran.