24 February 2016

Assessment of Iran’s February 2016 Election
More than 70% of respondents will participate in Iran’s February 2016 election. Moreover, Iranians who believe that Reformists are capable of solving problems facing the country outnumber those who believe that Principalists are so capable by 2 to 1 (19% to 9% respectively). The Reformists also enjoy a greater level of approval than Principalists (20% compared with 12% for Principalists and 5% for Moderates).

Twenty-six percent of Iranians believe that the parliamentary election will be completely free. Iranians are also split over whether the Guardian Council should vet candidates.

Sixty-seven percent of Iranians say that they approve of the job Mr. Rouhani is doing as president, almost 13 percentage points more than in July 2015. Eighteen percent disapprove of his performance. Only 28% of respondents approve of the job being done by parliament. A majority of Iranians (43%) disapprove of the way the parliament is doing its job.
15 September 2015

Nuclear Deal: 76 percent Approve, 3 Percent Disapprove
According to a recent IPOS survey, Iranians overwhelmingly favor a nuclear deal with the West on the terms of the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”. Seventy-six percent approve of such a plan while three percent disapprove. A poll last May showed that 63% answered affirmatively to the question “Do you support a deal between Iran and the West?”
1 September 2015

August 2015: Rohani’s Job Approval Improves

President Rohani’s job approval rating is better now than it was in May 2015. Fifty-four percent of Iranians say they approve of the job Mr. Rohani’s performance as president, a significant increase over the past three months. Twenty-two percent disapprove.

23 June 2015

Iranians Support Nuclear Deal, Remain Skeptical of the West and Want Normalization of Iran-U.S. Relations
A poll conducted by iPOS suggests that a majority of Iranians favor a nuclear deal with the West (63%) while two-thirds of Iranians remain skeptical about the prospect of a final deal and report less trust in the U.S. and other Western countries.

iPOS also found that 52% of Iranians answered affirmatively to the following prompt regarding the normalization of Iran-Us relations: “If Iran and the West reach a nuclear deal, would you agree or disagree with a normalization of relations between Iran and the US?”
22 June 2015

Iranians’ Views on the Green Movement Legacy
Six years after the controversial 2009 presidential election in Iran, 59% of Iranians say that there was no fraud in the proceedings while 19% still accuse the government of fraudulent conduct. Twenty-two percent register alternative responses such as “I don’t know”, “I have no idea,” or other options.

The public is also split over whether or not it is appropriate for demonstrators to protest in the streets. Thirty-nine percent approve of such demonstrations, while 40% disapprove. When people were asked whether they favored or opposed the way police react to street protests, 40% say the police reaction is justified, while 35% say it’s not justified.”
10 June 2015

Rohani’s Job Approval Stands at 48%

President Rohani’s job approval rating stands at 48%, similar to his 49% reading on Feb. 2015, but down from 58% last winter. Disapproval inched up 4 points since Feb. 2015 from 29 to 33 percent.

4 March 2015

2017: Ahmadinejad or Rohani
In a head-to-head matchup, President Hassan Rohani with 28% support from Iranian adults has a modest edge over former President Mahmood Ahmadinejad with only 24% support.
3 March 2015

Rohani’s Job Approval: 49% Approve, 30% Disapprove

According to a recent iPOS survey, President Rohani’s job approval rating has declined since November 2014. Forty-nine percent of Iranians say they approve of the job Mr. Rohani's performance as president while 30 percent disapprove.